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Botanic Garden Meise

Situated close to Brussels and spanning 92 hectares, this botanic garden has an international reputation. Their mission is to increase and disseminate knowledge about plants & fungi and to contribute to biodiversity conservation. They have a long tradition of collaboration with several African botanic gardens and research about food crops important for Africa. Botanic Garde Meise will develop activities around four main topics. The first focus is ‘sustainable catering’ - how can organisations make their catering more sustainable and meanwhile inform and sensitize their clients about sustainable food? The second focus, called ‘your food – our food’ will bring Belgians of different cultural backgrounds together to discuss and learn about each other’s food traditions and food security problems. A third focus, ‘So sweet’, explores the role bees and pollination play in our food security. Finally, a fourth focus will explore traditional and innovative ways of food production and transportation.

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