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National Museum of Natural History and Science, University of Lisbon

The National Museum of Natural History and Science at the University Of Lisbon is a centre of education, science and culture in the heart of Lisbon. Although its location has hosted teaching institutions since the early 17th century, the Museum has its origins in the Royal Museum and Botanic Garden of Ajuda, created in the 18th century. Apart from exhibitions, visitors can enjoy a diverse programme of activities aiming at stimulating curiosity and understanding about biodiversity, nature and science, as well as developing a close relationship with their visitors. Their mission for the BigPicnic project is to build and lead a network of key organisations that can engage local target audiences with the Mediterranean diet, beginning with a co-created exhibition entitled Grow Locally, Cook Healthily. Botanic garden staff will collaborate with key local groups to broaden and involve wider audiences, including elderly people, botanic garden neighbours, families, Lisbon University students/communities and local schools.

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