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Waag Society - institute for art, science and technology – researches and develops creative technology and methods for social innovation. Over the past 22 years, the foundation has developed into an institution of international stature, a platform for artistic research and experimentation, and has become both a catalyst for events and a breeding ground for cultural and social innovation. Waag Society is an expert partner in the field of co-creation and is training botanic garden Partners of BigPicnic to provide their target audiences with a participatory design role in the food security debate. For this purpose, Waag Society introduces its ‘Users as Designers’ philosophy, a co-creation methodology and various co-creation tools and strategies. A collection of best practices can be found at co-creation.waag.org. The website was made by Waag Society especially for heritage professionals that aim to explore the possibilities and challenges of co-creation. Co-creative methods start from the idea that everyone is an expert on one issue or another, first and foremost on their own life. The best practices on the site showcase different contexts to illustrate the diverse range of application of the methods. To facilitate the co-creation process, Waag Society has developed several toolkits and instructions that can be found at waag.org/en/our-toolkits.

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