2000m² – The Global Field

If we divide the amount of agricultural land in the world by the number of humans on the earth, every person would receive 2000m². Arithmetically, that is the portion of agricultural land that we are entitled to. Everything that feeds us and provides for our needs has to grow on that, such as wheat for bread, potatoes, vegetables, corn and soya for animal feed, sugar beet to sweeten our tea and coffee, cotton for T-shirts, sunflowers for edible oil and rape for biodiesel, and many other things. By planting out 2000m² fields, project partners are visually representing this to make it easier for the public to understand. 

The Global FieldPhoto credit: Annika Huskamp

The 2000m² project aims to make soil understandable, get to the root of important questions, inspire a re-think, show the global connections, and respect the ecological dimension that surrounds food security. 

Similar to the BigPicnic’s objectives, the Global Field project seeks to ensure that consumers understand the global relationships between consumption and food sourcing. Our project works with an international group of partners, that in collaboration, promote the messages that “every bite has its sport/origin” and “there is enough food for everyone” to a greater number of people. 

We are interested in sharing experiences as well as finding new project partners in order to disseminate the “Global Field” project idea.