Associated with School Biology Centre Hannover

Big festival at School Biology Center Hannover

On Sunday, 3rd September 2017 a big food festival took place at SBZH which attracted more than 4000 visitors, about 100 exhibitors, including 20 dedicated to food and about 10 food trucks. 

At the BigPicnic booth together with the so called `Rucksack School` the visitors had two options: to fill in a questionnaire on food security or to fill in a speech bubble with their thoughts, opinions, ideas, etc. in relation to food security. 

Special food exhibition at the ´Umweltforum´ in the Schoolbiologycenter Hannover

Overall we received 167 completed questionnaires from visitors and exhibitors and about 100 speech bubbles.

The objective of these activities was to gain knowledge about participants’ opinions around food security. Here are some of the results: 

43 speech bubbles were related to the topic of healthy food ( "You are what you eat", "I prefer cooking with fresh ingredients, because it tastes better and is healthier").

BigPicnic stand at the ´Umweltforum´ in the Schoolbiologycenter HannoverOther topics included: 

  • origin & transparency
  • food waste
  • quality of life, 
  • land usage, 
  • tradition,
  • packaging, 
  • farming methods, 
  • education, 
  • meat production 
  • dumpster diving
  • Relative cost of organic and conventionally farmed food

The panel discussion, which attracted about 70 people, was held from 2.00 to 3.00 pm. The topic of this discussion touched on ethics, health and enjoyment – what is ´good´ food?

Panel discussion about food at the ´Umweltforum´ in the Schoolbiologycenter Hannover

The following people were involved: 

Moderator – Prof. Dr. Steffen Wittkowske, University Vechta (member of the German Food Security Advisory Group for BigPicnic)

Participants – 

  • Stefan Wenzel (Policy maker: Environment minister of Lower Saxony)
  • Kathrin Bratschke (Consumer advice centre of Lower Saxony)
  • Elisabeth Brunkhorst (Organisation of rural women in Lower Saxony)
  • Helmut Evers (dairy farmer)
  • Dirk Rademacher (sustainability manager - Fairtrade school in Hannover)