Associated with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia, University of Warsaw Botanic Garden, Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)

BigPicnic podcast: The importance of food heritage

A major finding of the BigPicnic project is the importance of culture and heritage in relation to food and food choices (for more information see our BigPicnic policy recommendation policy brief 1: Food and heritage). 

To explore this finding further we have produced this podcast to look at experiences of the cultural dimension of food that were uncovered through the project Partners' work. The podcast includes recorded content from three Partners - the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden, Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia and Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.  

This podcast was produced by Bridie Kennerley of Botanic Gardens Conservation International on behalf of the BigPicnic project. 

Listen to the podcast here: