Associated with Juan Carlos I Royal Botanic Gardens, Alcalá de Henares University

"Cisnerians" gardens project as a tool for the debate on the life cycle of food and food security

On 11th January 2018 the  Juan Carlos I Royal Botanic Gardens, Alcalá de Henares University ran a co-creation session to develop a new project in relation to the use of the organic vegetable gardens that already exist in the botanical garden. Using the co-creation process, a list of ideas and expectations were developed. 

Co-creating at UAH

The aim is to engage the university community in our work by allowing their opinions and ideas to influence the work of the garden. This co-creation session was our first attempt to bring together these, often disparate, groups. We invited teachers, students, researchers, gardeners and other staff of the garden and Ecocampus office. 

Not only does this work complement BigPicnic but it is also related to the  Cisnerian gardens project – the name refers to the design of three historic courtyards of the Cisneriana University that have served as inspiration. This design intends to relate the old University to the modern one, using the traditional relationship between the design of monastic cloisters and their use as gardens. 

This project gives teachers the possibility to take advantage of these gardens as a real field of action related to their subjects.