Associated with School Biology Centre Hannover

Co-creation for future Science Cafés

On 30th November, 2017, during an internal conference at School Biology Center Hannover, a co-creation workshop was held with a number of employees to develop topics, speakers and structure for future Science Cafés as well as deciding the target audience and possible presenters. Ideas were recorded using a mind map. 

Mindmap on topics, participants and more for future Science CafésMind map of topics, participants and more for future science cafés. Photo credit: SBZH

Result: one of the science cafés will be held as part of the School Biology Center Hannover’s Sunday morning events in August 2018.  The topic is based on the questionnaire on food security carried out last year:

Science and politics and their responsibility towards sustainable agriculture and food. Many survey respondents identified the design of sustainable agriculture as an essential element of long-term food security and therefore we are currently looking for experts in this area who will be able to briefly present their work and the continue a debate with the public.