Uniwarsaw University of Warsaw Botanic Garden

Co-creation Kick-off dinner at University of Warsaw Botanic Garden

On 7th of December, 2016, at the very beginning of our co-creation process the University of Warsaw Botanic Garden organised the Dinner of Good Ideas in order to develop our BigPicnic goals, get to know needs of people from different fields related to food security and work out the opportunities for cooperation with our neighbours, local activists, other projects, researchers, organisations, etc.

Tasting plants from the garden.Photo credit: Łukasz Gniadek

We divided ourselves up into 4 groups at tables that represented 4 main areas of interest related to the BigPicnic: (1) Cooking, (2) Compost, (3) Food Production/Agriculture: Urban & non-urban, (4) Exhibitions, food stories, ethnography and dissemination. Activities were designed to help us share ideas. 

We wanted to develop our ideas for the project, gather the knowledge, opinions and possibilities around us, involve different partners and start to plan activities within our specific areas of interest.

We got plenty of suggestions for the path the project should take. For example, the composting group was the most structured and it agreed on the initial plan for next steps, hence subsequent meetings and fruitful cooperation with the Oddam Odpady Initiative  (a group that try to promote a zero waste approach) and our new team member Iza on our Big Composting project started quickly. We also began a partnership with top-chef Grzegorz Łapanowski on a pop-up kitchen and Big Culinary Festival.

We are continuing to meet in smaller groups focused on specific topics that emerged from the first dinner, some of them are still not well developed, but we will keep working on them.