Associated with Balkan Botanic Garden of Kroussia

Co-creation wearing coloured glasses

On 10th April, 2017, in the Institute for Breeding and Plant Genetic Resources, 18 BigPicnic stakeholders gathered to participate in a co-creation workshop about food security and Greek aromatic and pharmaceutical plants (APP). 

Glasses to represent different concepts during co-creation

The participants included the president of North Greece chefs, two University restaurant chefs, restaurant owners, farmers, food processing and trade entrepreneurs, researchers from the fields of pharmaceutics, APP, food technology and food quality control, and one social economy and agriculture activist. 

After a fun ice-breaker game based on APP, the participants divided into two homogeneous teams with each member asked to wear 7 different colour glasses. The colours represented a different concept, e.g. green for new ideas and red for emotion. Wearing each colour, they were asked to write down and discuss their opinions of food security and Greek APP. 

In addition to the expected outcomes, something very hopeful emerged from the workshop. Participants proposed and agreed that they wanted to meet again in order to discuss forming a network to continue working towards the goal of improving food security using Greek APP.