Associated with Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Dissemination of digital storytelling

As part of the dissemination process, for BigPicnic Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh led an event through the Beltane Public Engagement Network .  This is mostly made up of people in similar roles to ours in public engagement for the four major universities in Edinburgh (who make up the network) and in other organisations.

18 participants attended the presentation followed by Q&A

Beltane Breakfasts, Twilights, Brunches and Lunches are informal meetings where people from Edinburgh’s universities, and people who want to work with them, can come to find out more and share information about specific public engagement topics. At this Beltane Brunch, we discussed what the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh have learned about digital storytelling through the BigPicnic.

We ran digital storytelling activities aimed at giving a voice to underserved communities about access to nutritious food. Individuals from the communities recorded a short audio track which was then supported by still images. The project team found the great strength of the format was the emotional power of personal stories which could be told without the storyteller needing to speak in front of a large, live audience.