Associated with Juan Carlos I Royal Botanic Gardens, Alcalá de Henares University

European Researchers' Night

On 29th September the celebration of the eighth European Researchers´ Night was held at Juan Carlos I Royal Botanic Gardens, Alcalá de Henares University. The event allowed visitors to explore the exciting world of research in the University of Alcalá through a wide variety of activities. Some of the most successful activities were: “Educational Robotics, How Does a Robot Work?”,” Forensic scientists in action” and “Bloom: The explosion of aquatic life”. During the event, the public also had the opportunity to learn about BigPicnic. 

Giving information at the European Information Point during the eight edition of European Researchers´ Night in Royal Botanical Garden of Alcalá.

Photo Credit: Ruth Parra

Visitors learnt about the activities planned and other aspects of the BigPicnic project. They received a leaflet (made specially for the occasion) that gave them information about upcoming events and activities.

The idea was to take the advantage of celebration of the international event in the botanic garden, to talk about BigPicnic and its activities. It was estimated that 100 people attended

Visitors were very interested in the project and related exhibition. They said they were interested in sharing knowledge and ideas about food security, alternatives to conventional production and consumption of food, the different ways to get food locally and other topics relevant to their daily life. We also encouraged them to spread the information to relatives, friends and colleagues.