Associated with University of Innsbruck, Botanical Garden of the University Vienna

Harvest workshop

In June, one of our local schools started developing a photo story about the future of our food with us. This will be on display in our exhibition in May 2018. In September we had a follow up visit. We wanted to connect again after the two months of the summer holidays and show them the changes that had happened to the plants they had started growing.

28 pupils and two teachers from the nearby NMS Sacre Coeur school started the school-year this September with a visit to the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna where their hanging garden project had been growing over the summer holiday. Various herbs were planted in our raised beds in June and now it was time to harvest and turn the yield into pesto and a dip. The kids took great pleasure in making their own food and sharing recipes from different countries.

Making pestoPhoto credit: Patrick Randa

A blind taste test with bread encouraged the kids to pay attention to different textures and tastes and raised awareness of the different influences you find in our markets nowadays. 

Blindfold bread tastingPhoto credit: Lydia Linder

The pupils also dug out potatoes that were plated in former rubbish bins.  An incredible three kilograms were collected from just the four potatoes that were planted.

Harvesting potatoesPhoto credit: Patrick Randa

All these activities made the children think about where their food comes from and how much time it takes from seedling to harvest. They were amazed to find that basil loses its flavour after blooming. These ideas will help them to develop their food security photo stories. Over the coming months the pupils will continue to work on their photo stories and we will go and visit them at their school so that we can begin to bring together the various elements of our exhibition.