Associated with University Botanic Gardens of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

FSAG meeting

A meeting of the Bulgarian Food Security Advisory Group was held in a tropical greenhouse at University Botanic Gardens of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. This is an annual meeting, which brings representatives of this group, who can offer expert advice related to food security. 

FSAG meeting at University Botanic Garden Sofia

We discussed the progress of the project, attendance at traveling exhibitions as well as the analysis and conclusions from visitor feedback. This included a discussion of the specifics of the food security topic that are of most concern to Bulgarian residents – both in big cities and small-populated communities.

The main focus of the meeting was on generating ideas for science cafes that will take place at different events planned throughout the coming year. The group looked at the topics that should be covered, taking into account the different target groups: students, general public and professionals.

Next steps: 

  1. The proposed topics will be discussed on an additional Skype meeting with members of the FSAG from other cities; 
  2. Feedback from students from the Department of “Economics of Natural Resources” at the Economic University will be gathered to see if the ideas are suitable for science cafés aimed at this audience.
  3. Specialists in fields related to the chosen topics will be contacted to recruit relevant speakers.