Associated with Botanical Garden of the University Vienna, University of Innsbruck

Is that our future food?

The Photostory developed by students from NMS Sacre Coeur Vienna, a local school, provides a summary of their thoughts as well as worries in relation to the future of food. Through a series of discussions, they collected ideas and put them together into a storyboard. 

Food fight photostoryFood Fight: a photo story developed by school students. Photo credit: Birgit Schlag and Patrick Randa

The students have been sharing their thoughts on food security through discussions and workshops since April 2017. This lead to the idea of creating a photo story. The young adults (12-14 years) worked in a creative way with their thoughts and worries related to the future of our food. Over the past few weeks they edited the pictures they took last June and filled the storyboard with their own words, that show a broad range of the interest they take in question of how food security can be reached in 2050. This story will be part of our BigPicnic exhibition this coming May at the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna.

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