Associated with Botanical Garden of the University Vienna, University of Innsbruck

Smoothie Workshop

Pupils had to smell, taste and inspect four different smoothies carefully at the beginning of the workshops on the 28th of May 2018 in the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna. Following this, the participants of the workshops tried to find the ingredients from the veggie and fruit bar to rebuild the smoothie they liked best, specifically just by tasting and smelling and without knowing the exact recipe.

Most participants of the workshops were not aware of smoothies being actual food and not just a drink and were rather surprised that even spinach can taste good and refreshing. Furthermore, the students discussed in small groups 

  1. The nutritional impact of smoothies
  2. The sugar and/or fibre content
  3. Where the ingredients are grown and how these are transported to or in Austria 

Thereby, a primary understanding of both global food chains and aspects of sustainable nutrition have been imparted. The pupils also made hazelnut spread using mainly regional ingredients and without using electrical tools.

Workshop participants at Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna

Photo credit: Birgit Schlag-Edler

At the end, we highlighted the difference in travel distance the regional foods or the (exotic) fruits and vegetables had gone in comparison to the commercially-available alternatives. Furthermore, the pupils debated differences in the organic production of agricultural products and the commercial production of food crops, as well as topics like Fair Trade. 

Our colleagues from Innsbruck were supported by staff of the Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna and teacher trainee students from the University of Vienna. Together we were able to lead some very interesting discussions with the participants about sustainable nutrition and food security.