Associated with University Botanic Gardens of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Travelling exhibitions

In September the BigPicnic travelling exhibition developed by University Botanic Gardens of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” visited the three University Botanic Gardens in Bulgaria (Sofia, Varna and Balchik). The  two days of events included exhibiting the BigPicnic project and partners involved in it, discussion of food security and poster sessions and interactive demonstrations about urban gardening and traditional and little known edible plants that can be grown in Bulgaria. The format and the duration of exhibitions were planned in advance according to the feedback from local meetings and co-creation sessions.

Exhibition on edible plants developed by UBGInformation panels about edible plants. Photo credit: UBG - Sofia

Families, kids, students, young and self-motivated people were involved. The people were invited through the UBG web-site, social networks, leaflets disseminated into the shops nearby each botanical garden as well as e-mails and personal contacts. 

During the first day of the travelling exhibition the main topic of food security was presented through posters and discussion. Participants were invited to include their views on a partially prepared concept map. There was an exhibition about urban gardening good practices which was accompanied by short hands-on activities. The exhibitions included posters with information about traditional and little known edible plants that we can grow in Bulgaria. The plants were presented according to their nutrition qualities.

The event continued with a cooking demonstration on what can be prepared at this time of year with seasonal food and plants grown at home. Each one of the participants had the opportunity to take part in the cooking.

There were also prepared bags with take home activity kits designed especially for the event. The participants shared their favourite recipes with seasonal plants grown in our country.

Urban gardening activity developed by UBG

Activity about urban gardening. Photo credit: UBG - Sofia

The second day of the events were planned for observation of the visitors' interests and opinions around food security. Botanic workshops on edible plants and herbs  were organised for kids.

 The events where held on the following dates:

UBG - Sofia –1st to 2 September.2017, 

UBG - Balchik – 26th  to 27 September 2017,

UBG - Varna – 29th to 30 September 2017.

 What was achieved?

  • Good practices regarding urban gardening were shared with people through short demonstrations and examples. The activities and the exciting cooking demonstrations inspired the participants to take part in discussion on food security issues.
  • A lot of data was collected from visitors in different ways: feedback sheets; observation forms and a tracking sheet that will help us to ascertain  public opinion related to the topics of the exhibition.
  • In total the exhibitions attracted around 600 people.

 The next steps are to manage the upcoming science cafés according to the feedback from the questionnaires and to analyse the data from the events in the context of RRI. 

Botanic workshop developed by UBG

Botanic workshop. Photo credit: UBG - Sofia